April 28, 2008

DòngTīng Song of the Week

MC Vyan of Guangzhou's Jiangzhe

This week’s song comes from Guangzhou group Jiangzhe. “The Generation” is Jiangzhe’s ode to Chinese youth born in the 80’s, as they discuss some of the unique problems and issues that their generation faces. In this song Jiangzhe’s main rappers Fat B and Vyan rap their verse in Cantonese while guest artist Q-Luv sings the chorus in Mandarin. Take a look at their music video.

本周的歌来自广州的讲者团体. “The Generation” 是讲者的一首歌关于中国
八十年代出生的青年人, 他们讨论他们这一代人面临的一些独特问题. 在这首,
讲者的主要说唱者 Fat-B和 Vyan 用广东话说唱,客户艺术家的Q – luv用
普通话唱合唱. 看一下他们这首歌的视频.

讲者- "The Generation"

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