April 19, 2008

DòngTīng Song of the Week

This week’s song comes from Shantou’s AFinger Crew. Language is the defining element of their style, and the 10-member crew raps in both Mandarin and their local Chaozhou dialect. Their self-produced tracks mix elements of Hip Hop, pop and reggae. This mixtape track is an introduction to their album, the first ever Chaozhou dialect Hip Hop album.

AFinger Crew - 專輯Mixtape試聽版

己的音乐也结合Hip Hop,流行音乐和雷鬼。这mixtape歌给大家
介绍他们的专辑,中国第一个潮州话Hip Hop专辑。

1 comment:

KungfuPanda said...

Awesome! I'm actually Teochew and my family originates from Shantou! Would it be possible to put the lyrics up to the clips that you post?

Thanks Smangela =)

PS. Stanford into Final IV today with win over Virgina.