April 7, 2008

DòngTīng Song of the Week

Dumdue‘s MC Kidgod at his Guangzhou pet store

This week’s song comes from Dumdue, Guangzhou’s underground kings of Chinese Jazz-Rap. Rapping in Cantonese over their own self-produced, sample-heavy beats, Dumdue has created a unique sound that has managed to attract fans from all over the country. The distinct voices of MC Kidgod, MC Along, and a well-sampled horn all come together on this track, “老后.”

本周的歌是来自广州噔哚,中国爵士说唱的地下国王. 由于用广东话
MC Kidgod和MC Along 的鲜明声音跟一个采样喇叭的声音都结合起来,
创造 “老后”这首歌。

"老后” − 噔哚

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