June 3, 2008

DòngTīng Song of the Week

Brass Face "Forever Young"

This week’s song comes from Beijing MC Brass Face, the other half of hardcore rap duo Phoenix Cry. Easily recognized for his Twista-like flow and gritty voice, Brass Face is also a talented producer. His influences range from DMX to MC Solaar to Mongolian rap crew Vanquish. This self-produced track showcases both is lyrical prowess and production skills.

本周的歌来自北京说唱家Brass Face。他是另外 凤凰鸣 的团员。虽然
他的快速运录和声音很吸引人,但是他也是一个很有才的制作家 。他的
影响包括DMX, MC Solaar和蒙古的Vanquish。这首歌展示了他的说唱

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