May 25, 2008

DòngTīng Song of the Week

Green Clan

Big Zoo & Green Clan: "Good Love"| "好爱"

This week’s song is a collaboration between Green Clan and Big Zoo. Green Clan is an up-and-coming Hip Hop collective in Kunming. Their crew has a dozen MCs, producers and beatboxers who are all passionate about making quality Hip Hop music. Formed by an original member of GUMBO, Kunming’s first rap group, Big Zoo is a Hip Hop crew in Chengdu. The two crews came together on “好爱” or “Good Love”, a cheerful, endearing love song.

本周的歌来自Green Clan和Big Zoo。Green Clan是个新出现的昆明
Hip Hop团体。他们有12多个说唱家, 制作家和口技家。他们都热爱Hip
Hop也想做好Hip Hop音乐。GUMBO是昆明第一说唱团体。他们其中一个
原来的团员建立了成都的Big Zoo. 这两个团体合作这首个叫 “好爱”,

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