May 17, 2008

DòngTīng Song of the Week

Co Op Sol: "The Work Song"

This week’s song comes from Kunming's Co Op Sol. Made up of American MC Mike Metcalfe and Kunming MC Hu Xuan, Co Op Sol has succeeded in creating amazing multilingual rap music. They experiment with the sounds and rhythms of English and Chinese to make their verses smooth and natural. Heavily influenced by Guangzhou’s Dumdue, Hu Xuan produces the group’s jazzy beats. Combined with Mike’s poetic lyricism, the result is soulful and cerebral songs like “The Work Song”.

本周的个来自昆明的邪作社。美国说唱家Mike Metcalfe和昆明说唱家Hu Xuan一起创造奇妙的多语种说唱。他们巧妙地结合英文和中文。结果是他们的歌又流畅又自然。广州的噔哚对Hu Xuan是很大的影响。他制作邪作社爵士性的音乐。再加上Mike诗意的歌词,结果是又灵魂又知识的歌,像 “The Work Song”。

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