February 4, 2008

Sucka MC!

There is always an element of surprise at any live show.

Last Saturday we went to Section 6 at Yugong Yishan, Beijing’s only monthly live Hip Hop show. After a set by Beijing Hip Hop’s legendary Yin Tsang, the stage turned into an Open Mic with DJ Wesley behind the decks. Many of Beijing’s Hip Hop greats were in attendance and, along with a few up-and-coming rappers, they delivered some awesome impromptu performances. The mood of the evening was one of inclusion, nobody hogged the mic and everyone was welcome to come up on stage and freestyle.

As soon as the Open Mic started the energy level in the club blew up. The MCs were having a great time and the crowd was with them, reacting to what they liked by dancing and cheering. However…there is always going to be the sucka MC! We are all for expressing yourself, for letting it hang loose, and more power to you if you dance to the beat of a different drum … but some things are just a little crazy. See for yourself.