February 24, 2008

DòngTīng Song of the Week

MC BlaKK Bubble - "Unbeautiful Moon"

This song comes from MC BlaKK Bubble, a pioneer of rap in Shanghai. He was a member of legendary Shanghai group Bamboo Crew and now runs his own label, Phat Blac Production. BlaKK Bubble is close to Angela’s heart because he is a huge fan of New Jersey rappers. Represent! A scholar of Chinese language, BlaKK Bubble experiments with Mandarin, Shanghainese and even Classical Chinese in his rhymes. “Unbeautiful Moon” uses all three languages to weave a poetic tale of an unbeautiful moon.

本周的歌来自MC BlaKK Bubble, 上海说唱的先驱。他以前是上海
Bamboo Crew的团员。现在他经营自己的唱片公司, Phat Blac
Production。BlaKK Bubble 也让Angela很自豪因为他特喜欢
话甚至古文。这首歌 使用这三种语言叙述一个诗意的故事。