February 9, 2008

DòngTīng Song of the Week

MC Webber - "Choices"

This week's song comes from MC Webber. A Beijing native and one of the original members of Yin T'sang, MC Webber is an inspiration to many of China's young rappers. This song, with its ragga-inspired delivery and provocative lyrics, reflects his wide range of musical influences, which include Smif-n-Wessun, Damian Marley, Wu-Tang Clan, and Ayo.

本周的歌是来自MC Webber。他是北京人也是其中一个原来隐藏的艺人。他影响许多年轻的中国说唱家。这首个借鉴了ragga的唱法,也含有很宜
人的歌词。这首歌反映了他广泛的音乐影响,其中一些包括 Smif-n-Wes
sun, Damian Marley, Wu-Tang Clan和Ayo.