February 3, 2008

DòngTīng Song of the Week

Chen Haoran "No Moni, No Friend" - Beijing

This week's song comes from Chen Haoran, a hilarious and extremely talented member of Beijing's In3. His style is a mix of ODB, Professor Longhair, Bob Marley, and a Beijing taxi driver. This song is about his everyday life, his thoughts on Hip Hop and his true love - DJ Wordy.

本周这首歌是来自陈浩然,一位很逗,很优秀的歌手。他参与北京的In3.他的风格结合ODB, Professor Longhair, Bob Marley和一个北京出租车司机。这首歌关于他的日常生活,他对Hip Hop的看法和他的真爱-DJ Wordy.