February 17, 2008

DòngTīng Song of the Week

MC Phoenix XIV - "50 Questions"

This song comes from MC Phoenix XIV a.k.a Lao Zheng, another member of Beijing's Yin Ts'ang. From former club owner, to co-organizer of Yugong Yishan's Section 6 event, to www.Hiphop.cn contributor, to active MC, XIV is a key player in Beijing's Hip Hop scene. "50 Questions" is his cheeky (and perfectly accurate!) ode to 50 questions foreigners are frequently asked in China; "Where are you from?" "How much money do you make in a month?", and most importantly "Can you eat spicy food?".
Take a look at his music video.

本周的歌来自MC Phoenix XIV a.k.a 老郑,另外一个原来隐藏的艺人。
他不但以前经营很火的北京club, 组织北京愚公移山的Section 6,
投稿www.Hiphop.cn而且是很积极的说唱家。他在北京Hip Hop文化
中是一位主要的参与者。 “50 Questions”这首歌表示在中国外国人
最常听到的50个问题。他的歌词又好笑又准确。 看一看这首歌的视频。