August 17, 2008

Finding Chinese Hip Hop Albums

We know that some of your are looking for Chinese Hip Hop albums to purchase, download and/or review. And unfortunately there is no simple way for you to get an entire album.  Amazon and iTunes haven't hit up the Chinese Hip Hop market (yet). 

So our top recommendations are to:

1. See what's available on MySpace. We have linked to MySpace pages of several artists.
2. Check out the music (音乐流) and artists (艺人 A-Z) sections of
3. Email us at and we can help you out. 

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Great site! I've found a lot of Chinese hip hop CDs on and they are pretty cheap too. I've picked up Zero, Mad King, Sketch Krime (!), Bruce Lee, Long Men Zhen Tuan Ti, Hi Bomb, 4PM and some Hong Kong and Taiwan hip hop like LMF, DJ Tommy, etc.