August 5, 2008

DòngTīng Song of the Week

This week’s song is a collaboration between two groups from the city of Urumqi in Xinjiang Province – Free Soul and Soul Clap. It is serendipitous that both of their names have the word “soul”, as soulful is exactly how I would describe this song.

Free Soul is an all-female group that formed a little over one year ago. They sing and rap in English, Uyghur and Mandarin. Their voices are already so strong (the influence of their idol Christina Aguilera can certainly be heard) that people doubt they sing their own songs!

Soul Clap is an all-male group that is also multilingual, rapping in English, Mandarin, Uyghur and Russian. Their self-produced tracks mirror their linguistic diversity ranging from melodic love songs to hardcore rap songs. “Lil Luv” is a perfect example of the former and talks about . . . well . . . young love.

本周的歌曲来自两个乌鲁木齐的团体-Free Soul和Soul Clap。真巧他们俩的名字都含有“soul”这个字。我觉得他们的音乐很有灵魂。Free Soul,一个女生团体,是大概一年前组合的。她们用英文,维语和普通话唱歌。她们的声音已经那么强,有时听众怀疑她们是真的在唱歌。(难怪其中一个影响是Christina Aguilera。)Soul Clap,一个男生团体也用好多语言唱歌,包括英文,普通话,维语和俄语。他们是自己作曲,风格也很丰富。他们有情歌,比较硬核的歌,等等。“Lil Luv”好代表他们的情歌。

~ Angela


KungfuPanda said...

Did you make it to Xinjiang Angela? If you manage to get beyond Urumqu, I would definitely encourage you to check out Kashgar and Hotan. And if you go north towards Kazakhstan...its beautiful. Don't know how much hip hop there is though =)

Anonymous said...

Awesome :D