March 12, 2008

DòngTīng Song of the Week

This week’s song comes from MC Lot Z of Shanghai’s 021 Crew. One of the few rappers on pop label SOMA Records, Lot Z skillfully synthesizes rap, R&B and pop music. The result is songs like “侬白相啥” - a lighthearted tune about life in Zanhei (aka Shanghai).

本周的歌来自上海021团体的MC Lot Z. 他是SOMA唱片公司其中一个说唱家。他巧妙地结合说唱,R&B和流行音乐。结果是像“侬白相啥”这首歌。

1 comment:

BC said...

Love it!! But I cant find any of his songs anywhere. Any mp3 of this or could you tell me where I can find more of his songs?