March 19, 2008

DòngTīng Song(s) of the Week

No Fear Family at Freestyle Practice

This week we give you a double serving of Chinese Hip Hop. Both songs come from Wuhan’s No Fear Family, a Hip Hop alliance started in 2004 by leader Break-D. The No Fear Family split last year into two subgroups, Wu Ju and FATLIPZ. These two groups reflect two different directions in Hip Hop music, Wu Ju being more R&B inspired, commercial Hip Hop and FATLIPZ being more underground, alternative Hip Hop. As the two groups work on their respective Hip Hop development, both Wu Ju and FATLIPZ continue to primarily identify themselves as active members of the No Fear Family.

这个星期我们给你两首歌的中文Hip Hop. 两首歌曲是来自武汉的
No Fear Family, 一个Hip Hop 组织于2004年由领导者
Break-D创立的. 去年No Fear Family分裂到两个分组 以反
映两个不同的方向在Hip Hop音乐. 无惧 是更加流行, R&B等
商业Hip Hop和FATLIPZ是更多的地下Hip Hop. 在这两小组
继续在各自的Hip Hop发展工作中,无惧和FATLIPZ的成员
一直成为自己于No Fear Family的积极的成员.

无惧 - "文舞双台" temporarily unavailable

FATLIPZ feat. Break-D- "Ni Zai Gan Ma"

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