March 26, 2008

DòngTīng Song of the Week

MCs Dai Bao Jing & Joe of Guangzhou Crew Uranus

This week’s song comes from MC Dai Bao Jing of Guangzhou crew Uranus and MC Davey from Taiwan. One of the few female MCs in China, Dai Bao Jing is definitely holding it down for the ladies. Her distinctive voice and rapid delivery light up this track. MC Davey adds his characteristic flow and rhymes. “什么屌” is the perfect song for bumping – loud – in your car.

本周的歌来自广州天王星的呆宝静和台湾的Davey。其中少数的女性MC在中国,呆宝静能让全国的女生很自豪。她独特的声音和快速的唱法让这首歌很精彩。Davey也加上了他特有的flow和押运。“什么屌” 是一首理想大声的听在你的车上的歌。

"什么屌“ - 呆宝静 & Davey


Unknown said...

They are fantastic!! My favorite so far. Where can I download their album?

Anonymous said...

Would love to know where this track is available, I'm based in Hanoi and have been searching for Vnese hiphop but not finding much, this track's excellent!