March 4, 2008

DòngTīng Song of the Week

Jiverson - "Homie"

This week’s song comes from MC Jiverson, a member of Shanghai’s To Be Continued (TBC) Crew. Jiverson has a reputation as a comical, over-the-top battle rapper. Though his freestyle rhymes are wild and loose, his written rhymes are far more polished and introspective. “Homie” is his celebration of two positive themes in Hip Hop – friendship and brotherhood.

本周的歌来自MC Jiverson,上海To Be Continued (TBC)团体的团员。他的名誉是他说唱比赛的时候,他的歌词和行为又好笑又极端。虽然他的自由试很猖披,但是他写的歌词反省他的生活状况。 “Homie”这首歌庆祝Hip Hop文化里面其中两个积极的主体-友谊和兄弟情谊。