December 21, 2009


Hip Hop in China is no longer an active blog. It will remain up as an archive for people around the world to access information on Hip Hop in China.

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Anonymous said...

我知道來這兒晚, 可是好幾多的人一定看, 所以 我 打些字. 在用 english, 我只六個月學中文.

懂聽, 你陰該來美國做路像about how hip-hop's relatively capitalist influence in China becomes a relatively communist influence in America, where hip-hoppers often speak out about "not selling out" and therefore they preserve the "shared value" of their efforts for those who's ideals more personally match.

This is what is especially fascinating about your documentaries to me, that anywhere in China someone is allowed to make money selling hip-hop clothing or dance lessons. Yet in another more restricted province, people still do it simply for the love, even speaking out against commercial intentions in the art form. They seem more like the valueable American hip-hop masters to me. Although I am certainly proud to see some culturally disadvantaged Americans have a recourse to success. Thank you for posting those videos.


( to tell me how bad my chinese or ideas are. I need people to discuss my crazy ideas and bad Chinese with, so please write.)

(, 請打點字對我說 "你氣来了錯和中文不好." 我想看懂. ;)


Fred said...

I put your entire collection on my website at as part of my toolbar great work, i love china!