April 8, 2009

Sexy Beijing

On a recent trip to Beijing, I had the opportunity to meet the producers of the Internet TV Show Sexy Beijing - 性感北京 - Anna Sophie Loewenberg, Luke Mines and Mia Li. (Many thanks to fellow Fulbrighter and Hip Hop scholar Jamel Mims for making the connections.) "Ask Smacker" is probably one of my all-time most emailed videos, so it was great to finally meet the makers. In addition to creating their own show, they also use the platform and audience they've built to help promote local and up-and-coming filmmakers. They came across the DongTing08 videos and an edited version of "Language & Chinese Rap" was chosen for the site. Check it out.

Many thanks to the great people at Sexy Beijing!

~ Angela


Recordapedia said...

like the site!

Anonymous said...

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gekko-g said...

hi man thank you very good I M from turkey

mask said...

thank you ..

Hiphop said...

thank you man

Calvin said...

I'm wondering if the bloggers of this site are still active? I have some questions regarding hip hop/r&b music in the Chinese music industry.

Anonymous said...

Half asian rapper YUNG RO is conquering the indie music scene due to the help of his female fan base. His unique look gives the flashy teen a appeal that ladies would declare sexy. If you ask YUNG RO he describes it as Fresha Den A Mall.

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