July 12, 2008

DòngTīng Song of the Week

This week’s song comes from Urumqi group Jin-Qirah. Jin-Qirah’s group members are Uyghur, one of the ethnic minority groups in China, the majority of whom live in the northwestern province of Xinjiang. Rapped in Uyghur language over beats inspired by traditional Uyghur music, Jin-Qirah’s “Arman” is a song that confirms the often over-looked diversity of “Chinese” music.

本周的哥来自乌鲁木齐的Jin-Qirah团体. Jin-Qirah的团员都是维吾尔族,中国的少数民族之一,大多数在西北的新疆省住. 用维语说唱还有用被传统维族乐器影响的一个伴奏,Jin-Qirah的 “Arman”是一首哥能确定 “中国” 音乐平常忽略的多样性.

Jin-Qirah - "Arman"

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