July 5, 2008

DòngTīng Songs of the Week

Over the past three weeks, we have been on the road in Shaanxi and Xinjiang Provinces and have gotten a little behind on the song of week. So this week you get a double dose and a little competition.

Many rappers in China lack the equipment, training and/or knowledge needed to make their own music. Some set up small studios in their homes or offices, but most work from personal computers. Consequently many rappers download beats off of the internet or rap over instrumentals. We have come across several songs that use the same instrumental but to different effect. So who flipped it best?

These two songs use the instrumentals from Tupac "Hit'em Up".

Chen Hao Ran "Hello Teacher" / "老师好"

Six City "6 Dolkun"

These two songs use the instrumentals from Scarface "My Block".

Chen Hao Ran "No Moni, No Friend"

No Fear "What Are You Doing?" / "你在干吗?"

~ Angela

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