October 6, 2008

DòngTīng Song of the Week



This week's song comes from Urumqi rap crew Six City. "Biquara-Tuhmat" or "Pity - Blame" is a song about misplaced condemnation and the distress it causes. Six City's musical influences include heavy metal, R&B, traditional Uyghur music, American rapper Eminem, Turkish rapper Ceza, and Thai rap. One of their main goals is to represent the reality of life in Xinjiang today and promote Uyghur culture.

~ Angela


Nien said...

this blog is way too cool. please update often.

jimmeht@gmail.com said...

Hi Angela And Lila,

I have been following dongting for a while now-it's a great blog. I am a big fan of Hip-hop music myself.

I am also a documentary filmmaker and video producer for The New York Times.

I would love to meet and chat with you ladies about your work if you're available sometime.

Feel free to check out some of my work at www.thejimmywang.com



Unknown said...

I'm really interested in Hip Hop worldwide, unfortunately i can't listen to the songs in this blog. I'm using the newest version of firefox...pls help! :-)