September 7, 2008

DòngTīng Song of the Week


This week’s song is off of the first solo EP of Shantou rapper Big Snake. Released in July of this year, Big Snake described About Rhythm as a candid revelation of his beliefs, dreams and struggles. Inspired by Bob Marley & The Wailers “Get Up, Stand Up”, “Still Alive” encourages listeners to think about the quality of their lives and the consequences of their actions. 

本周的歌来自汕头说唱家Big Snake新的专辑《大约定律》。他说《大约定律》很坦率的显示了他的信仰,希望和争斗。Bob Marley & The Wailers的歌曲《Get Up, Stand Up》对这首歌有很明显的影响。像Marley一样,《还活着》鼓励听众反省他们的生活条件和他们采取行动的后果。

"Still Alive" / "还活着"

~ Angela

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Royal said...

Big Snake kinda looks like MC Hotdog... :P